Gourd Pricing
All gourds are made-to-order, so there will be some natural variances in size and appearance from one gourd to another.
Pricing for gourds depends on the size of the gourd and the level of detail in the engraving and dyeing process.  Each gourd is made to your specifications.  Here are a few patterns and sizes of my most popular gourds to give you some general pricing ideas.

Peace of Maine
(Special Order)

8-9" in diameter. $100
Price varies with size requested.
Sunrise, Sunset 4-5" in diameter. $45
5-6" in diameter. $60
Raven Sun 5-6" in diameter. $60
Turtles 3-4" diameter. $30
(add $10 for turquoise chips)
Tree of Life
(pictured on Right)
5-6" diameter, about 8 inches high. $50
Butterfly 4" diameter $45
Emerald 3-4" diameter. $30
(includes seagrass rim)
Raven's Prayer 5-7" diameter. $60
Puffins 3-4" diameter. $45
 For more information, or to order your own gourd, contact:
Deborah Arnold
PO Box 143
Sedgwick, Maine  04676


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